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Grab Your Free .design Domain For Your Website!
Right now you can get your free .design domain name for your website! Because your work deserves a better domain. You make a powerful first impression when you show your website to someone and it has .design in the URL bar. It sets you apart from other ...

Global Domain Name System (DNS) Service Market- Get Current Market Trends
Request Free Sample copy ofGlobal Domain Name System (DNS) Service [email protected] Market ... Breakdown of DNS would crash the world wide web though there are many root servers and backup servers targeting DNS servers at particular key locations would ...

Brexit and GDPR spell uncertainty for domain names
WHOIS services, allow trademark owners and their lawyers to identify domain holders and to enforce rights against illegal website ... their name and contact details. Domain operators and registrars are then required to provide free public access to that ...

Toys ‘R’ Us selling mascot and sex toy domain names
The adult-oriented domain name is one of hundreds of website addresses that the bankrupt toy-store ... Even after the new Supreme Court ruling, states are free to allow or disallow wagering on sports. In Ohio today, however, the General Assembly already ...

Tool makes it possible to park .App domain names
Free system generates an SSL on your domain name and forwards it to popular domain sales services. If someone wants to buy your .app domain name they won’t be able to use Whois to contact you. Google Registry does not show .app domain owner information ...

30 years ago, UPEI was the first to register a .ca domain name
web servers would allow," Vessey said. "We were early adopters of things that today are staples of people's everyday lives." There are about a dozen other domain names the university has registered today, mainly for outside projects and campaigns as the ...

Piracy site for academic journals playing game of domain-name Whac-A-Mole
Because of the lawsuit, which Sci-Hub founder Alexandra Elbakyan has refused to participate in, she's been engaged in a game of domain-name Whac-A-Mole in response ... Elbakyan, a 27-year-old bioengineer turned Web programmer from Kazakhstan who is living ...

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