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Torrentz.eu Domain Suspended After UK Police Request
Torrentz.eu, the largest torrent search engine on the Internet, has had its domain name suspended following a request from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in the UK. The site continues to operate under two alternative domains, and is hoping to ...

International SEO and search trends: How does it all work?
If your business sells internationally, then your search engine optimization (SEO ... You may want to consider a few things when choosing a domain name for your international SEO campaigns. Some domains, known as country code top-level domains (ccTLD ...

The how and the why: carrying out a comprehensive DNS audit
An alarming number of organisations are still leaving themselves wide open to cyber-crime and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, by not prioritising domain name system (DNS ... a staggering 92 percent of UK businesses have limited visibility ...

Why the world’s biggest porn company is backing the UK’s new age law
In 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the debut of a new top-level domain geared toward the adult industry ... starting this April, the UK will require anyone wishing to access online porn to register with ...

Smiley face dot com: GoDaddy releases an EMOJI search engine and domain name registration service
What has been preventing emoji domain names from taking off is the difficulty in registering them. That is where the new search engine steps in. 'Until now, emoji domain names been difficult to register,' GoDaddy said. 'One has to have a reasonably ...

14 Mistakes You May Be Making When Buying Domain Names
Examples are .co.uk, .de and ... You business name and domain not matching up can cause confusion for visitors. 9. Targeting weak keywords for SEO due to lack of keyword research It can be nice to make it to #1 in the search engines.

The Mirai Botnet Is Attacking Again…
Of course, we take this botnet stuff seriously, but we couldn’t help snickering a little at some of the domain names. Of the 203 C&C hostnames ... A simple Google search will tell you they care little about what you do with the domain as long as you ...

4 typo horror stories from the workplace
Sean was seated at his computer terminal, so he executed a search of the Internet domain name registry database to see if the newly ... The Guardian reports that UK government agency Companies House (which is the registrar of companies) wrongly listed ...

Man who bought Google domain name for $12 gives his 'reward' from the search giant to charity
The search giant is not the first company to miss an opportunity to renew its domain ownership. In 2003 Microsoft failed to renew the hotmail.co.uk domain name and the domain was snapped up by a private individual who later returned it to the company.

Google ignores country domain and delivers search results on detected location
Google is doing away with using the country code element of its domain name ... search results to serve users, and will instead serve the user results based on detected location. This means that regardless of whether a user searches from google.com, google ...

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