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Completely Free Domain Name And Web Hosting News

HereWebsite.com: The Best Provider of Hosting and Cheap Domain Registration Services
Have you been searching for the best web hosting and domain name services ... and plug-in installations, free backups, automatic updates, domain registration and eventual web hosting. These services a...

I Gave Up on Squarespace and Built My Own Photo Website from Scratch
For the past several years my photography website called Squarespace home. Among online, fully-contained, content management systems, it is hard to go wrong with Squarespace. Offering domain ... hosti...

Host Your Domain with Free Apps
Want your very own web site address, but don't want to mess with pay-for hosting packages or server configuration? Today you can buy a domain name for around 10 bucks a year (or less) and map it to a ...

Should web-hosting companies restrict who's on their platforms?
"While we detest the sentiment of such sites, we support a free and open Internet and ... DreamHost, another web hosting provider and domain name registrar, said it will host any website as long as it...

How to win (or at least not lose) the war on phishing? Enlist machine learning
Conveniently, the operator has even left a Web shell wide open for me to watch him at ... sites—along with other sources of low-cost or no-cost hosting and free or cheap domain name and SSL certificat...

How GoDaddy is growing into a SaaS company
GoDaddy, the web-hosting and domain-name giant — and erstwhile cloud computing provider ... or convert their existing sites into mobile one (in fact, the conversion is free for the company’s approxima...

GoDaddy Inc. (GDDY) CEO Scott Wagner on Q2 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Domain names ... Hosting Days, which is a seasonal event that we'd picked up with HEG, kind of threw off the sequential growth, but it's very solid. Great, thanks for sneaking me in. Let me see. Let m...

4 ways to avoid cloud outages and improve system performance
The internet is a volatile place, and nobody is completely immune to this danger ... The process of building an intelligent network edge begins with the right domain name service (DNS). Global DNS ava...

WooCommerce Themes Review and Recommendations by Logic Inbound
When it comes to themes, it’s completely up to you to decide whether you want ... WordPress.org sites can be expensive to deploy, as the site owner has to purchase web hosting, domain name, SSL certif...

How The Daily Stormer Went From GoDaddy To The Shadows Of The Dark Web
In a Gab post, he even provided a link to a Tor browser, free software ... it’s very hard to completely remove a site from the internet because the requirements and prerequisites for operating a websi...

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