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Cheap UK web hosting services to help you claim a spot on the internet
Here are 12 of the best (cheap ... website. On the other hand, the Deluxe and Ultimate packages are for those looking to start multiple sites with more advanced features and the Business Hosting ...

Best cheap web hosting deals of 2018
That's the cheapest web hosting offer we've ever seen and one definitely worth looking at. Enjoy a 90% discount for a whole year plus get a free domain name during that period when you take a business ...

SiteGround Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Deals 2018
StartUp – $2.98/mo • GrowBig – $4.98/mo • GoGeek – $8.68/mo StartUp only allows you to host one website. GrowBig supports multiple websites ... includes a free domain name for every ...

5 Tips to Create a Professional Yet Cheap Website
Moreover, it has thousands of free and paid themes that you can use to give your website the design you want. It means with WordPress, you can get a good looking website live at zero cost. Though you ...

How to Host Multiple Websites with Apache 2.4
Utilizing name-based virtual hosting on ... configurations of websites within a single server, essentially splitting the server into multiple “virtual” website hosts. Name-based virtual hosts are desi...

How To Start A Reseller Hosting Business
You have made the decision to start up your own cheap ... your websites, advertising, the cost of the hosting services you'll be reselling (which can further be broken down: bulk rate the hosting comp...

Setting Up a Name Server and Hosting Web Sites with Windows Server 2003
You'll gain the biggest advantage from hosting multiple web sites using Internet Information Services (IIS), with each site having the same IP address. This process, called multi-homing, only works if ...

Free speech-focused social network Gab is back up despite payment processor, web host blacklisting
Unfortunately for Gab's fans, the platform was blacklisted by its former domain registrar GoDaddy, as well as multiple payment processors after alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers used ...

Why Registering Multiple Domain Name Extensions is good for business?
When it comes to registering a domain name, one of the basic stuff is website owner must focus on is the selection ... it is important to keep better branding constantly by hosting multiple domain nam...

8 great web hosting solutions for your personal webpage or business site
That's why there are hundreds of different web hosting ... software and free domain reselling too, so you're good to go with your business right from the get go. It's not as cheap as some ...

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