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WATCH: Want to showcase your app? Register with Google's .app domain
INTERNATIONAL - Google Registry has announced that its new .app top-level domain (TLD) is now open for general registration ... TLD is the last part of a domain name, like .com in “www.google.com” or .google in “blog.google” (the site you ...

European data protection laws could end up shielding cyber criminals too, fear experts
fear experts. “For example, if a website has child sex abuse images, apart from trying to take down the website, security and tech companies work with law enforcement agencies and look at who owns the domain name and see if the same person/s are also ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies, but if you have a brilliant idea for a web site, you’ll also need a domain name to go with it. So when it’s time to register that domain ... own hands and run your own blog, own your own photos ...

Google Wants To Operate .Search As A “Dotless” Domain, Plans To Open .Cloud, .Blog And .App To Others
Last year, Google applied to manage the .app, .blog, .cloud and .search generic top-level domain (gTLD) names ... that security experts are not in favor of. Google plans to run http://search/ as a redirect service that “allows for registration by any ...

Trump failure to disclose payoff raises red flags, experts say
(CNN) - Donald Trump's fresh acknowledgment this week that he reimbursed his lawyer Michael Cohen more than $100,000 in 2017 is raising red flags with ethics experts about why ... financial form Alt-right web domain names registered to company that paid ...

20,000 domains registered and not 1 sale
This was back in June 2016 and .xyz domain name extension was having a sale at Uniregistry and every .xyz domain name that was available to register would cost $0.01 ... I asked my friend Andre who had a blog and small online store selling art, pictures ...

How to install and Begin Development on the latest Android Studio 3.1.2
You can click on files>New > New Project to name your new project. To start the work, you can you can add the name of the application in the “Company Domain” page ... Our employees who are expert in their respective field, try their best to give ...

TITAN Commerce Signs with VirnetX to Sell Gabriel Secure Communications and Secure Domain Names
The Gabriel suite along with Secure Domain Names will provide our customers with exceptional ... With many years of experience our team consisting of sales, marketing, support and logistics experts ensures that we can always provide powerful high-end ...

Nerit.gr domain name registered by news blog
A day after the government announced its controversial plans to replace ERT with a new broadcasting service called “NERIT”, news blog “Troktiko” registered the domain name before the government! The website currently transmits ERT's program.

A DC Think Tank Uses Fake Twitter Accounts And A Shady Expert To Reach The NSA, FBI, And White House
Reporting by BuzzFeed News has also established that Scott, ICIT’s top expert, previously sold spammy and fake ... (Records from DomainTools show he registered the domain name in 2013.) When asked about his use of the @bill_nizzle Twitter account, ...

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